About Us

How do we see the future?

Without actual precongnitive power, we have to utilize what is real and in front of us to determine where a trend may take us, or what remains on the horizon.  We look for what is real and in the here now, to see what is to come: fringe research and experimentation, data, trajectories and analytics. 

BA Technologies was created to be a center of technological knowledge and foresight, gathering and analyzing the newest devices and advances that would inherently shape the human experience.  Founded in January 2016, BA Technologies was born from years of research, planning, and a culmination of careful, intent eyes on current technologies.  We pride ourselves in our ability to identify what the market needs, and the best available solution.  Our products are avidly researched, tested, and proven, to ensure a seamless end-user experience.

One of the hardest things to do... 


Looking into future trends and technologies comes as a daunting task for any business.  Trends shape our cultural reality and technology is the largest tool to do just that, but it is the emerging trend that alludes most until it's too late... when the product has hit the market.

Foresight is Everything